The power of communication: P systems with symport/antiport

TitleThe power of communication: P systems with symport/antiport
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsPaun, G., & Paun A.
Journal TitleNew Generation Computing
Place PublishedTokyo, Japón
Pages295 - 305

In the attempt to have a framework where the computation is done by communication only, we consider the biological phenomenon of trans-membrane transport of couples of chemicals (one say symport when two chemicals pass together through a membrane, in the same direction, and antiport when two chemicals pass simultaneously through a membrane, in opposite directions). Surprisingly enough, membrane systems without changing (evolving) the used objects and with the communication based on rules of this type are computationally complete, and this result is achieved even for pairs of communicated objects (as encountered in biology). Five membranes are used; the number of membranes is reduced to two if more than two chemicals may collaborate when passing through membranes.

Keywordsantiport, computational universality, Membrane computing, molecular computing, symport
ISSN Number0288-3635