Fuzzy Membrane Computing: Theory and Applications

TitleFuzzy Membrane Computing: Theory and Applications
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsWang, T., Zhang G., & Pérez-Jiménez M. J.
Journal TitleInternational Journal of Computers, Communications and Control
PublisherAgora University Editing House - CCC Publications
Place PublishedOradea, Romania

Fuzzy membrane computing is a newly developed and promising research direction in the area of membrane computing that aims at exploring the complex in- teraction between membrane computing and fuzzy theory. This paper provides a comprehensive survey of theoretical developments and various applications of fuzzy membrane computing, and sketches future research lines. The theoretical develop- ments are reviewed from the aspects of uncertainty processing in P systems, fuzzifica- tion of P systems and fuzzy knowledge representation and reasoning. The applications of fuzzy membrane computing are mainly focused on fuzzy knowledge representation and fault diagnosis. An overview of different types of fuzzy P systems, differences between spiking neural P systems and fuzzy reasoning spiking neural P systems and newly obtained results on these P systems are presented.

Keywordsfuzzy membrane computing, fuzzy reasoning spiking neural P systems, fuzzy set, linguistic term, Membrane computing, multi-fuzzy set, trapezoidal fuzzy number
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96/139 - Q3

ISSN Number1841-9836
DOIdoi: 10.15837/ijccc.2015.6.2080