Modelling ecosystems using P systems. The bearded vulture: a case study

  • This simulator has been presented at the 9th Workshop on Membrane Computing

    Mónica Cardona, M. Angels Colomer, Mario J. Pérez-Jiménez, Delfí Sanuy, Antoni Margalida.
    Modeling Ecosystems Using P Systems: The Bearded Vulture, a Case Study.
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science Volume 5391, 2009, pp 137-156
  • The file trencalos.txt contains parameters for each specie
  • The file trencalosN.txt contains information about the number
    of species by age, and the maximun age for each specie
  • This program is developed in C++ to test the P system
  • We are working on a better version written in Java
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