Spiking neural P systems: Recent results, research topics

TitleSpiking neural P systems: Recent results, research topics
Publication TypeContributions to Book Chapters
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPaun, G., & Pérez-Jiménez M. J.
EditorsCondon, A., Harel D., Kon J. N., Salomaa A., & Winfree E.
Book TitleAlgorithmic Bioprocesses
Series TitleNatural Computing

After a quick introduction of spiking neural P systems (a class of P
systems inspired from the way neurons communicate by means of spikes, electrical
impulses of identical shape), and presentation of typical results (in general equiva-
lence with Turing machines as number computing devices, but also other issues, such
as the possibility of handling strings or infinite sequences), we present a long list of
open problems and research topics in this area, also mentioning recent attempts to
address some of them. The bibliography completes the information offered to the
reader interested in this research area.


A. Condon, D. Harel, J.N. Kon, A. Salomaa, E. Winfree (eds)