Normal forms for spiking neural P systems

TitleNormal forms for spiking neural P systems
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsIbarra, O., Paun A., Paun G., Rodríguez-Patón A., Sosik P., & Woodworth S.
Journal TitleTheoretical Computer Science
Place PublishedAmsterdam (The Netherlands)
Date Published03/2007

The spiking neural P systems are a class of computing devices recently introduced as a bridge between spiking neural nets and membrane computing. In this paper we prove a series of normal forms for spiking neural P systems, concerning the regular expressions used in the firing rules, the delay between firing and spiking, the forgetting rules used, and the outdegree of the graph of synapses. In all cases, surprising simplifications are found, without losing the computational completeness — sometimes at the price of (slightly) increasing other parameters which describe the complexity of these systems.

KeywordsMembrane computing, normal form, Spiking neural P system, Universality
ISSN Number0304-3975