First steps towards a CPU made of Spiking Neural P systems

TitleFirst steps towards a CPU made of Spiking Neural P systems
Publication TypeJournal Papers
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGutiérrez-Naranjo, M. A., & Leporati A.
Journal TitleInternational Journal of Computers, Communications and Control
PublisherAgora University Editing House - CCC Publications
Place PublishedOradea, Romania
Date Published30/2009

We consider spiking neural P systems as devices which can be used to perform some basic arithmetic operations, namely addition, subtraction, comparison and multiplication by a fixed factor. The input to these systems are natural numbers expressed in binary form, encoded as appropriate sequences of spikes. A single system accepts as inputs numbers of any size. The present work may be considered as a first step towards the design of a CPU based on the working of spiking neural P systems.

KeywordsArithmetic operations, Membrane computing, spiking neural P systems
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ISSN Number1841-9836