Call for Participation

Goal: Similarly to the previous editions, the goal is to gather together researchers interested in Membrane Computing (theory and applications), for exchanging ideas, problems, solutions, for working together, in a friendly framework. Only invited talks and short and provocative presentations will be scheduled in the rst days, then the time will be mainly devoted to joint work. Those interested in having such presentations should send an email to Agustín Riscos-Núñez. (ariscosn@us.es) some days before the meeting. The participants are strongly encouraged to circulate open problems and research proposals over the Internet (e.g., posting the problems in the Vienna P systems web page).

Dates: 30th January, 2012 (Monday) - 3rd February, 2012 (Friday)

Organising institution:

  • Research Group on Natural Computing (RGNC) PAI-TIC-193
  • Department of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • University of Sevilla, Spain


  • E.T.S. Ingeniería Informática, module H, first floor.
  • Avda. Reina Mercedes s/n. (41012) Sevilla

Proceedings: As usual, about two months after the meeting a pre-proceedings volume will be published as a research report of the RGNC. A selection of final papers will be published in a special issue of a journal ,as it was the case with the first eight editions: Natural Computing 2(3) 2003, New Generation Computing 22(4) 2004, Journal of Universal Computer Science 10(5) 2004, Soft Computing 9(9) 2005, International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science 17(1) 2006, Theoretical Computer Science 372(2) 2007, Fundamenta Informaticae 87(1) 2008, International Journal of Unconventional Computing 5(5) 2009, International Journal of Computers, Communication & Control 4(3) 2009, Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology 13(2) 2010 and International Journal of Natural Computing Research 2(3) 2011. Nine of these journals are indexed in the JCR.

Web page: http://www.gcn.us.es/icdmc2012.
News will be communicated through the web of the Research Group on Natural Computing, and through the Vienna P systems web page.

Registration: In order to register the participants should email Ana María Ruiz (anarumez@us.es). A registration fee of 75 euros will be requested on arrival at the registration desk. This will cover workshop materials, co ffee breaks, lunch, social dinner and proceedings. Several accommodation options are listed on the webpage of the BWMC'12 (keep tuned at http://www.gcn.us.es/icdmc2012_accommodation).

Conference Location: Sevilla is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. An explosion of colour and contrast: flamenco, bullfighting, and a lively atmosphere in the streets due to the open and friendly nature of its people. The river Guadalquivir, the Giralda, the Cathedral and the Golden Tower are all places full of magic where the visitor can feel the spirit of a city which is eternally romantic.

Organizing Committee:

  • Gheorghe Paun (co-chair)
  • Mario de J. Pérez Jiménez (co-chair)
  • Manuel García-Quismondo Fernández
  • Carmen Graciani Díaz
  • Miguel A. Gutiérrez Naranjo
  • Luis Felipe Macías Ramos
  • Miguel A. Martínez del Amor
  • Ignacio Pérez Hurtado de Mendoza
  • Agustín Riscos Núñez
  • Francisco J. Romero Campero
  • Álvaro Romero Jiménez
  • Luis Valencia Cabrera

Scienti c Committee:

  • Rudolf Freund, Vienna University of Technology, Austria.
  • Oscar H. Ibarra, University of California Santa Barbara, USA.
  • Shankara Narayanan Krishna, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India.
  • Víctor Mitrana, University of Bucharest
  • Linqiang Pan, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China.
  • Gheorghe Paun, Member of Academia Europaea.
  • Mario J. Pérez Jiménez, Universidad de Sevilla.
  • Grzegorz Rozenberg, Leiden University and University of Colorado at Boulder, U.S.A.
  • Arto Salomaa, University of Turku, Finland.
  • Takashi Yokomori, Waseda University, Japan.

Funded by:

  • IV Plan Propio de la Universidad de Sevilla, Vicerrectorado de Investigación de la Universidad de Sevilla.
  • Consejería de Economía, Innovación y Ciencia. Junta de Andalucía.
  • Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación. Gobierno de España.
  • Instituto de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Sevilla (IMUS).
  • Fundación para la Investigación y el Desarrollo de las Tecnologías de la Información en Andalucía (Fidetia).
  • Departamento de Ciencias de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial, Universidad de Sevilla.
  • Endesa S. A.

Download the CfP (Call for Participation) of the 10th BWMC here.

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