P-Lingua is an easy-to-learn programming language to define P systems in a
modular and parametric way. Its syntax is very close to standard scientific notation
and parameterized expressions can be used to handle families of P systems.

The first version of the language (1.0 beta), that was only able to define P systems
with active membranes, but the project has been expanded, covering many other models.

Notice: This web page is no longer maintained, please visit to find the latest news and updated releases.

This method to define P systems is decoupled from its applications and the
same P-Lingua programs can be used in different software environments.

By using compiling tools, the P-Lingua programs are translated to other file formats that
can be interpreted by a large number of different applications.

We present a set of software tools to work with P-Lingua. All of them are under
the GNU General Public License

Comments, suggestions and criticisms are very welcome, for that, you can write an e-mail to Ignacio Perez-Hurtado (perezh at