Seminars 2010-2011

The Research group on Natural Computing (RGNC) organises weekly research seminars and reading group meetings open to the general public. Anyone interested in attending only needs to turn up.

The research seminar series consists of presentations given by members of the RGNC and international leading researchers on topics related (but not restricted) to natural computing and computational biology. Reading group meetings are normally organised every other week. They consist of informal meetings where a relevant research paper or book is presented and discussed. Tutorials on different subjects are also given during meetings of the reading group.

Research seminars and reading group meetings are held on Thursdays at 10:30 am in room H1.50 at the ETSI Informática unless otherwise indicated.

If you are interested in giving a research seminar or joining our reading group please email mdelamor at and fran at Please consider joining our mailing list to receive information about our seminars, reading group and other news about the RGNC.

Date Title Speaker
Stochastic Chemical Kinetics: From the Chemical Master Equation to
the Reaction Rate Equation
Francisco J. Romero-Campero
Árboles y redes filogenéticas Francesc Rosselló Llompart
13-07-2011 El algoritmo DNDP para modelos probabilísticos basados en sistemas P M. Angels Colomer
Luis Valencia-Cabrera
Ignacio Pérez-Hurtado
15-06-2011 SEMINAR I: Redes de Procesadores Genéticos y Algoritmos Genéticos Paralelos José M. Sempere
16-06-2011 SEMINAR II: Autómatas de Watson-Crick: nuevas variantes, complejidad descriptiva y aprendizaje José M. Sempere
16-06-2011 SEMINAR III: Procesamiento de biosecuencias mediante técnicas de Inferencia Gramatical José M. Sempere
02-06-2011 Discusión de un nuevo algoritmo de simulación para sistemas P probabilísticos (II) Francisco J. Romero-Campero
12-05-2011 Discusión de un nuevo algoritmo de simulación para sistemas P probabilísticos (I) Miguel A. Martínez-del-Amor
24-03-2011 An update on the uniformity versus semi-uniformity problem Niall Murphy
10-02-2011 Space complexity of membrane systems Antonio E. Porreca
08-02-2011 Día a día en el estudio y tratamiento de las arritmias cardiacas Dr Manuel Frutos
16-12-2010 Multi-compartmental, stochastic and discrete models
in systems and synthetic biology
Francisco J. Romero-Campero
18-11-2010 Molecular Microprograms Manuel García-Quismondo
28-10-2010 Methodology to quantify structural changes in Biomedicine and Neurosciences Marta García-Fiñana
01-10-2010 The Problem of Cooperation: A Short Survey Matteo Cavaliere

Seminar organisers: Miguel Ángel Martínez del Amor (mdelamor at and Fran Romero Campero (fran at

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