HPC and GPU computing at RGNC

General Information

The Research Group on Natural Computing holds High Performance Computing (HPC) and GPU computing servers in its facilities and GPU hardware for mobility. They have been used to develop and run the first GPU-accelerated simulators for P systems. These simulators can be downloaded from the PMCGPU software project. Today, they are used for GPU computing applied to Membrane Computing simulators and beyond (track reconstruction, machine and deep learning, robotics, ...), by using CUDA and other standards.

The servers are connected to UPC - power protection system, and installed inside a cooled room. The access to these servers are restricted to RGNC members and collaborators. If you want to collaborate with us, contact our group. We are open to new ideas and projects!

The administrators are Miguel A. Martínez-del-Amor and Daniel Hugo Campora. So if you have any question, new software to install, problems, etc, please, email anyone of them.

Find in the next links more information about our servers, parallel hardware, quick manuals and the CUDA research center (2014 to 2016):